Generic Purpose System

Generic Purpose System

OK-VISE’s GENERIC PURPOSE workholding systems adapt easily to various workpiece sizes, and the components of these systems can be reused and reconfigured easily for a variety of applications and workpieces.

Multi-Rail RM

Multi-Rail System

Of our generic-purpose components the most typical is the Multi-Rail System. In addition to the commonest Multi-Rail RM size – M stands for medium – we also supply a heavy duty Multi-Rail RH.

Multi-Rail RM is the ideal system to replace old-fashioned machine vises in generic-purpose clamping, and it also performs optimally on all workholding platforms.



Our patented Combo-Rail unit is optimized for applications that require work support in floating mode, which means that once positioned, the unit clamps the workpiece in place without moving it.

This is used when the workpiece is positioned by other means and bending of the workpiece at the support point needs to be avoided.

The Combo-Rail unit also features centralizing mode and a machine vise mode in addition to the floating mode.


Grid System

One more system that is available is the Grid System. The module interface is optimized for grid platform (M12 positioning bushing and an M12 thread in a 50x50 mm matrix).

This system is optimal for clamping complex workpiece forms like plates.

When considering if you should build a dedicated fixture or a fixture using generic fixturing components read this.