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Modular workholding systems

OK-VISE® Multi-Rail System

OK-VISE® Multi-Rail system is a simple way to build high precision modular fixtures.

The Multi-Rail System adapts easily to various workpiece sizes, and the components of these systems can be reused and reconfigured quickly and easily for a variety of applications and workpieces. This means lower costs in fixtures and more flexibility in production!

The system adapts to all possible workholding platforms like T-slot, blank, and grid platform. The size is selectable from three different categories: low, medium, and high.

Not sure whether a modular or custom fixture is better? Take a look at our instructions for choosing a right fixturing system.

Multi-Rail RM 

Modular workholding system Multi-Rail RM.

A long-term choice for workholding

Our best seller in modular workholding systems enable you to build different fixtures from the same components. The KEY benefits are:

  • Adapts even the most challenging workpiece types.
  • Multiple workpieces can be clamped simultaneously.
  • Market leader in accuracy: up to 10-micron.
  • Clamping force up to 6 metric ton.
  • Setup can be changed depending on the workpiece.

Multi-Rail RH

Modular workholding system Multi-Rail RH.
  • More height in the base rail
  • Installation with M16 bolts
  • Base rail Profile 60 x 60

Multi-Rail RL

Modular workholding system RL.
  • Lower in profile (base rail height 25mm)
  • Even workpieces with very complex form can be clamped
  • Compatible with D- and B-series clamps

Check out the ready-made sets

To enable an easy start with OK-VISE components, we have put together example Fixture Sets

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