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Modular fixturing vs. dedicated fixturing

In most cases machining a workpiece requires more than one fixture.
The fixture for a specific workpiece and a specific machining operation can be built by using modules for modular fixturing or dedicated fixturing.
A dedicated fixture is workpiece-specific, whereas a system built of generic-purpose components can be set up for a variety of workpieces.

Fixture built from modular fixturing components

  • Modular system
  • Off-the shelve availability of modules
  • Possible modifications can be limited to individual modules
  • Setup change can be normally done simply by moving the stop modules


Dedicated fixture

  • Fixture can be easily optimized by any relevant criteria
  • Even most extreme workpieces can be clamped
  • Setup change must be done by changing the fixture


In addition to these extremes, many fixturing challenges can be solved using an innovative mix of dedicated and modular components

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