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Multi-Rail RM

Reduce setup time and streamline manufacturing processes with the Multi-Rail RM

Compared to a traditional machine vise, the Multi-Rail system offers the following benefits:

  • Using the components of the system, even the most challenging workpiece types can be machined
  • All sides of a workpiece can be machined with two setups
  • Multiple workpieces can be clamped simultaneously
  • Workpiece will be safely fixtured
  • It is also possible to clamp very large workpieces
  • Multi-Rail RM system modules are the most accurate multiple clamping modules on the market, most of them giving 10 micron accuracy
  • Maximum clamping force that can be applied to the base rail is 6 metric tons ( 60 kN)

To enable an easy start with OK-VISE components, we have put together fixture sets.

Multi-Rail multiple workpiece clamping.

More information how to use the system



On our page Fixturing Concept principle  the basic types of modules are described.
The most typical modules are listed in below.

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