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Multi-Rail RH

Bigger force for heavy duty

Multi-Rail RH system is designed for heavy duty applications. When more than 6 tons clamping force is required or only M16 bolts can be used for installation, then our RH system can be considered instead of RM.

Compared to a traditional machine vise, the Multi-Rail RH system offers the following benefits:

  • Using the components of the system, even the most challenging workpiece types can be machined.
  • All sides of a workpiece can be machined with two setups
  • Multiple workpieces can be clamped simultaneously
  • The workpiece is safely fixed
  • It is also possible to clamp very large workpieces

Generally, all functions that are available in Multi-Rail RM are also available in Multi-Rail RH.



Compared to similar systems on the market, the OK-VISE Multi-Rail RH base is the most stable due to its steep serration profile. It has been designed for F-series clamp modules.

The pitch of the serration is 2,5 mm, and the size of the RM profile is 60 X 60 mm.
The accuracy from every serration to the first positioning hole is ± 0.02 mm.

To enable an easy start with OK-VISE components, we have put together fixture sets.


Note: Multi-Rail RH system  includes the same type of modules as are used in Multi-Rail RM system.
On our page Fixturing Concept principle  the basic types of modules are described.
The most typical modules are listed in below.

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