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Tooling blocks and platforms

Several types of the workholding platforms for workholding operations are offered by OK-VISE through its global distribution network. OK-LOCK zero-point positioning system, RPS trunnion unit and Tooling Blocks are some of workholding platforms used in the OK-VISE projects.

By choosing a suitable workholding platform speed of setup changes, stabilty, easy access of tooling and utilization of the machine envelope can be greatly improved.

OK-VISE tooling blocks of different shapes and sizes are typically used in horizontal machining centers (HMC).  In vertical machining centers (VMC), OK-LOCK units and indexers with trunnion units like RPS are typical workholding platforms

tooling blocks for cnc workholding.


OK-LOCK Zero Point System

OK-LOCK is OK-VISE zero-point positioning system that is used for holding sub-plates and workpieces.

OK-LOCK is operated by admitting compressed air (6 bar) into the positioning modules setting them to a Release position, in which sub-plates can be inserted or removed easily.

Examples of the OK-LOCK positioning elements application

  • Integrated in tooling blocks
  • On the machine table of the vertical machining centres
  • Integrated fourth axis
  • Fastening the fourth axis in the trunnion unit such as RPS
  • Use of spigots to clamp the workpiece directly

Tooling Blocks

In addition to fixturing components manufactured by OK-VISE Oy, we offer work-holding platforms such as tooling blocks.

Most common platform types are T-slot, Grid and Blank platforms. Materials choices are Aluminium or cast iron.

The tooling block concepts offered by OK-VISE Oy provide the state-of-the-art features that support effective and efficient fixturing enabling higher productivity of the CNC system.

For the latest tooling blocks specifications please refer to the brochure.

RPS - Rotary Pallet Systems

Rotary Pallet System for cnc workholding.

OK-VISE rotary columns work as a trunnion unit between the indexer and tail support.

Rotary Pallet System ensures efficient use of the machinable area ultimately leading to reduction of tool changes, minimization of operator interventions, and extension of cycle times.

Use of sub-plates is one of the advantages of this system that allows reduce machine stopping times significantly. This is especially critical in the vertical machining centers.

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