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Our Story

The early days

In the early 1980s Finnish entrepreneur and inventor Olli Kytölä (“OK”) bought his first NC machining centers. Soon he became frustrated with the large size and small clamping force of machine vises and other workholding systems then available on the market for his brand new machines.

Once, when hanging laundry at home, he started thinking whether some sort of device similar to the screw anchor he used for attaching the clothes line to the brick wall could also be used in fixturing. His main goal was to achieve a high and accurate clamping force with a small device. The rest, as they say, is history – OK-VISE low-profile clamps had been born.

Olli Kytola inventing low-profile clamps.
Founder of OK-VISE.
Olli Kytölä - the founder of OK-VISE

Company Today

Today our products are available through a global distribution network. We are proud to ensure that even the most remote locations can be served within a few working days.

Our products are available through a global distribution network.

OK-VISE Oy has grown into one of the most respected players in the industry due to its long-term work based on customer satisfaction and product quality. We still operate in Muurame, Central Finland, and we want to continue to be a part of the development of the local industry.

Our product family has grown since the early days and from the low-profile clamp. The biggest reasons for this have been the changing needs of the manufacturing industry and the increasing interest in modular fixturing methods. In fact, our strongest assets are based on excellent product expertise and market awareness, which help us bring more new innovations to the industry.

Our slogan, ‘All Platforms, All Workpieces,’ aptly reflects OK-VISE’s operations today. We are dedicated to ensuring that, regardless of the workpiece to be clamped, our offered components provide you with a quick, safe, and effortless solution for fixture applications, making it easier than ever before.

first generation clamps.
Some of the first generation clamps.
Multi-Rail RM Components for modular workholding system.
Some of the latest products.


Finland is small but this hasn’t stopped us from becoming synonymous worldwide with the highest quality engineering design, innovation and quality.

Finns have long been established market leaders in many technology and engineering sectors, from high efficiency electric motors at ABB, computer network giant Nokia, the maker of some of the worlds largest marine propulsion systems in Wartsila and cutting edge computer games manufacturers such as Rovio and Supercell.

It is as a part of Finland’s heritage in engineering excellence that we at OK-VISE vise have been able to develop and maintain the highest quality fixturing components.

At OK-VISE we are very proud of this worldwide reputation, we make it our aim to not only to continue to provide products of the highest possible quality but also constantly improve and innovate to give our clients new products and technology.

Kytola Group

We are part of Kytola Group, owned by Kytölä family.

Our sister company Kytola Instruments Oy is known as a global market leader in oil lubrication and seal water monitoring systems. Kytola Instruments flow metering, monitoring and control devices are globally used for efficient operation of the projects in the Pulp&Paper, Mining, Steel Fabrication, and Chemical industries.

The roots of the Kytola Group date back 100 years to 1906.

Kytola Instruments Oy

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