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Multi-Rail RL

More flexibility with lower design

Multi-Rail RL is maximising machinable height of workpieces.

The base rail height in this product family is 25 mm, which makes it optimal when machine table or pallet is running out of space.  Products in this product family are typically alternatives to our most popular RM product family, where the base rail height is 50 mm.

One of the most typical platforms where components are installed is 50 x 50 grid with M12 thread.

There are two generations of RL modules

  • RL base rails ( launching now in 2023 )
  • Grid system modules ( launched in 2013 )

The RL base rail design uses RM system stoppers, clamps and parallels. It offers enhanced and improved compatability.

The previous generation grid system is based on the principle that clamp modules and stopper modules are separate, and single-directional. 

To enable an easy start with OK-VISE components, we have put together fixture sets.



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