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Fixture Sets

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Multi-Rail RM set for two forkpieces.


The SRM-236GB1 is a great choice when you need strong holding for several long workpieces. Designed using Multi-Rail RM components, the workpiece clamping is highly

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SRM-132GD1 is used for three-directional machining. One or two workpieces can be machined at the same time.  

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SRM-4C4GD1 OK-VISE Multi-Rail set


The SRM-4C4GD1 is built from Multi-Rail RM components. It is designed for clamping midsize to large workpieces and is most optimal when used for a

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SRM-143DRT Multi-Rail RM fixturing set


This set is designed using our Multi-Rail RM components and is optimized to simultaneously clamp first and second operation workpieces. Utilizing this set, you can

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OK-VISE Blank system set for one workpiece clamping


With a SK-Z9 set, you can create a dedicated fixture for a workpiece. The T-slot nut underneath the clamp provides an extended stroke compared to

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