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Hydraulic clamping

Benefits of hydraulic clamping

Compared to manual clamping, using hydraulic clamping in the system ensures a consistent clamping force on the workpiece, makes clamping process faster and enables automated or robotic loading of workpieces.

Compared to the other hydraulic systems on the market, the OK-VISE hydraulic clamping module:

  • is based on the world-renowned wedge clamp  
  • has a wedge design that hinders compression of hydraulic oil  and prevents vibration
  • creates clamping force with a pull stroke
  • has a return stroke performed by a spring or hydraulics
  • uses a HA-Series actuator designed for 350 bar pressure, hence a compact size
HA-2S1 HA-1S1
hydraulic actings

The principle

The operation principle of hydraulically operated OK-VISE fixtures is the same than in electrical ELVA clamping : pulling a bolt down, which pulls the wedge toward fixure base, pushing the jaws against workpieces.

Hydraulic pressure (p) is first converted to the downwards force and by the use of the clamping force of the wedge clamp (F) is applied in two directions. Just like in manual clamping, a stopper is needed on both sides of the clamp.

The simplest way of creating a hydraulic fixture is to use a a single acting hydraulic actuator. Please note that in the double acting hydraulic actuator, pushing force is stronger than the pulling force.

Most typical applications

Continuous hydraulic connection with horizontal machining center.  


Continuous hydraulic connection with vertical machining center.


The hydraulic connection is disconnected after loading. Used in the FMS systems.


Retro-fit option

Manual fixtures can be designed in a way that adding automation later is extremely simple, plug-in operation



retro fit option


Fixturing assembly can be supplied together with the hydraulic actuators. OK-VISE partners from the global distribution network offer assistance with the hydraulic installations. Sample connection diagrams are available from support@ok-vise.com.


Hydraulic actuators

In addition to hydraulic actuators (= cylinders) these sets include all the adapter bolts and fittings required to automatize B- or D-series clamps.

Depending on the clamp size, a 8 mm or 12 mm bolt goes through the clamp and fixture plate to the cylinder ‘s piston. The base cylinder is bolted on to a fixture plate.

The cylinders in the sets are single-acting, enabling the simplest possible actuation of OK-VISE clamps

hydraulic actuators and workholding clamps.

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