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RL Base Rail A

RL base rail type A is normally installed using two bolts (which are included).
The advantages compared to Multi-Rail RL  base rail D are

  • Easier installation
  • The unit can be inclined in angles

Most Multi-Rail RM stoppers, clamps and riser blocks are compatible with RL base rail and the following instructions apply :
How to use Multi Rail RM

The installation using RL base rail type A are optimal for clamping complex shapes, because it may be aligned on the fixture base in several ways

  • If the unit is installed using one bolt only, it can be aligned in any desired angle.  In this case we advice that a machining test be made first to avoid the base rail lifting up at the unbolted rail end.
  • On grid pattern 50 x 50 mm there are several angles between 0 and 90 degrees, where the unit can be installed using two bolts. This offers more stability than the previous option.
  • If more fine tuning of the angles is needed, an optional bespoke bracket is available to hold the other end down even when installed in “mysterious” angles.




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