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All based on Original OK-Vise Clamping Method

Robotic loading and automated clamping at Rantek Oy, Finland

Rantek is an electrical equipment manufacturer who excels in winding, machining and hardware assemblies.

They are continuously improving productivity and quality. Their latest investments have been in automation, including robotic loading and FMS.

OK-VISE is used regularly in their tooling columns, no matter if workpiece loading is done manually or automatically.


Robotic workpiece loading with cobot

 Finnish automation specialist Wisematic Oy has developed a simple turn-key solution for machine tending.

Techman collaborative robots (cobot) are loading the workpieces to the machining center, and then the OK-VISE Powerplate has been developed and used to automatically hold the workpieces in the machine.

Additionally, the co-bot can execute all the actions just like a human operator, eliminating the need for any I/O interface between machine tool and cobot.

Swedish subcontractor improving their effectivity

Ljungby CNC is a subcontractor in Sweden, supplying components manufacturers of packing machines and agricultural machinery.

They needed a workholding system to clamp several workpieces at a time, with material from hardened steel to aluminum and plastics. After comparing several systems, Ljungby CNC decided for OK-VISE Multi-Rail RM system because it’s flexibility to adapt to multitude of workpiece forms and materials.

Additionally, the CEO Andreas Karlsson was very happy with the service provided by OK-VISE and it’s Swedish distributor Standardmekano.

Grid System modules in use

OK-VISE distributor WDS in UK has supplied Grid System components bike parts manufacturer Superstar Components to hold various work piece types, including large aluminium plates. Read more »

wds components 800

Lithuanian cases: Ignetas UAB

 Another example from the company Ignetas UAB, which is a mid-size company, working in the subcontracting field that offers such services as robot welding parts, over moulding parts, semi-automatic and manual riveting parts and complex assembly parts. The company also has some CNC milling machines. They had the task of reducing the production time for one specific part which they are producing from an aluminium profile.

They are using a small 3 axis vertical machine (table size 300x250mm) for this task. The part is small and it also has some milling and drilling operations and 3 setups are needed. A very short cycle time leaves no space for the operator to do any additional work between cycle’s start and end.

Using traditional machine vices one-part production time including all setup’s was 2min and 25s.
We recommended that they use low-profile clamps and make a dedicated pallet, where all setups are clamped at the same time, a total 6 pcs on one pallet. It enabled a production time of one part 1 min and 15s. Also the cycle time of one setup was 2.5 minutes. It allowed more time for the machine operator between cycles.


Low Profile Clamp

Lithuanian cases: OK-VISE in 5-axis machnining

Our first case from Lithuania is a company using vertical 5 axis CNC machines. Machine table is Ø630x500mm. In the most case customer is using standard or dedicated 5-axis machine vises for 5 side machining. When part size is big enough, there is no problem with spindle/tool reachability of part from all 5 sides.

What to do if task is to cut complex part of size for example 25x25x25mm by using existing machine and table size. Specific vise is needed to lift part from table base to make possible to reach part with spindle/tool.

Customer started to use low-profile clamp. From the photos you can see simple solution: customer using standard machine vise for clamping block of aluminum, which we call riser. On top of riser one low-profile clamp is used to fix the blank material for 5 side machining. Solutions is simple and doesn’t requires big investments into specific clamping equipment.

Low Profile ClampLow Profile Clamp

Aluminum riser and OK-VISE low-profile clamp in combination for better accessibility at 5-axis table.

A small workshop using OK-VISE

MJM-Koneistuspalvelu Oy is a small workshop in Central Finland. Just like thousands of OK-VISE users, they are serving local industry with flexible deliveries and affordable pricing of their services.

The young entrepreneur Mikko Mäkelä took over the company from his father in 2015, and since then he has been upgrading the operations and equipment of workshop to be able to serve his customers more efficiently.

Mikko and his machinist Seppo are working with very typical machines, including two vertical machining centers.

Mikko and his machinist Seppo are working with very typical machines, including two vertical machining centers.

Now one of the focus areas in the machinery is fixturing.

Earlier they have been using self-made dedicated fixtures and traditional machine vises. Now they invested on OK-VISE Multi-Rail RM System, which is a system for generic-purpose workholding.

“OK-VISE Multi-Rail System adapts easily to various workpiece types. Earlier manufacturing the dedicated fixtures ourselves took lot’s of time, and luckily we can now use our time much more effectively in productive work” says Mikko.

“In some prototypes we still use old-school machine vises. However, in true batch-production machine vise is not a rational choice, additionally cleaning large in a vise is time consuming.

May be the most important factor in their new workholding concept is that instead of one workpiece only that a machine vise could hold, Multi-Rail system clamps typically 6 to 12 workpieces at a time.

Multi-Rail system clamps typically 6 to 12 workpieces at a timeMulti-Rail system clamps typically 6 to 12 workpieces at a time

“All in all, investing for a Multi-Rail RM system has been a clever move” says Mikko.

Kytola Instruments

Это видео демонстрирует успешное применение крепежной оснастки при прецизионной обработке.

Более подробная информация в разделе "Что нового": "Запуск ГПС в Kytola"

Seppo Suomi Oy

В ближайшем будущем в механическом цехе компании Seppo Suomi Oy, которая находится в районе Хартола Центральной Финляндии, персонал будет работать только одну смену, а остальные смены будут полностью автоматизированы. ”У нас будет только одна смена, укомплектованная персоналом. Проведя автоматизацию производства мы достигаем существенной дополнительной экономичной производительности", подчеркивает Генеральный директор компании мистер Яни Суоми. “Теперь наши обрабатывающие центры будут функционировать почти 20 часов без участия человека, что само по себе является кардинальным усовершенствованием.”

Для того, чтобы достичь этого, компания Seppo Suomi Oy уже начала инвестировать в Гибкое Производство. ”Ключевыми факторами этого инвестирования стали поддержание конкурентноспособности и качества производства”.

ГПС Системы
Основу этого нового инвестирования составляет Гибкая Производственная Система (ГПС) Fastems, для которой компания OK-VISE поставляет крепежную технологию. 
С помощью этой системы заготовки и материалы могут быть установлены на один обрабатывающий центр Mori Seiki. Система может состоять из шести обрабатывающих центров, и целью является увеличение мощности линии в соответствие со спросом.
”Наша цель через два года достичь уровня оборота примерно 3 миллиона ЕВРО, заняв штат примерно 15 специалистов на новых участках”, говорит Яни Суоми о намерениях компании.

Крепежная технология
В новой системе заготовки ожидают в буферном пространстве ГПС, когда обрабатывающий центр закончит предыдущую операцию. Поскольку обработка может проводиться в ночную смену без участия обслуживающего персонала, надежность технологии крепления приобретает абсолютно первостепенное значение, когда выбор сделан.
Технология крепления основана на низкопрофильных прижимах OK-VISE, которые за свою 35-летнюю историю зарекомендовали себя как одни из самых надежных компонентов крепления, имеющихся в распоряжении в отрасли. Новейшие разработки низкопрожильного крепежа представлены модулями системы Fixturing Concept (Концепция Крепежа).
Эти модули устанавливаются на инструментальных блоках, которые были спроенктированы и оптиматизированы специально для компании Seppo Suomi Oy. Инстументальные блоки имеют сетку отверстий 25Х50 мм со всех сторон. Используемые вместе они дают возможность создавать множество вариантов крепления, а также позволяют производить изменения в установках в течение нескольких минут, в то время как традиционная переналадка крепежа может занимать несколько часов.

tooling block stress analysisTooling block stress analysis a general purpose multi rail systemA general-purpose Multi-Rail systemthe grid system is employed for certain workpiecesThe Grid System is employed for certain workpieces