Size A model is only available as the ecomony model low-profile clamp AK2-VT-SO.

It is designed to meet the demands of regular workholding when ultra precision is not necessary.
Size A models are made of the same material as our standard models. Only bottom of the jaws is ground for precise positioning on the fixture base.

B-series clamps are designed for an M8 socket head screw (in inch models a 5/16" screw is recommended) and posess a clamping force up to 25 kN.

Accurate machining requires a clamp that is completely free of play. The key feature of the OK-Vise low-profile clamp is its wedge construction on both the horizontal and the vertical plane, which means that the clamp is locked firmly in every direction when tightened down. This minimizes the possibility of measurement error due to sliding.


D-series clamps are designed for a M12 socket head screw.

Due to the low-profile design of OK-VISE clamps, it is possible to perform flexible three-directional machining of workpieces with one fastening. Machining in three planes ensures increased opportunities for further processing, and improved accuracy, thus saving time and money in the quality control procedures.

The clamping force of these clamps is up to 65 kN.

D-series clamps are also available in inch ( "imperial") versions. The center hole in the wedge is wider in order to fit the half-inch socket head screw.
In inch models last part of the code is -VTI or -WTI ( instead of -VT or -WT n metric models).

F-series clamps are designed for heavy duty machining when extreme clamping force is required. Though small in size, they have an excellent clamping force of up to 150 kN.

With F-series clamps, it is important to use a torque wrench to avoid potential damage to workpieces due to excessive force.

F-series clamps are designed for a M16 socket head screw (a 5/8" screw is recommended for the inch models).