OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

Multi-Rail RM

Multi-Rail RM

Multi-Rail RM

OK-VISE MULTI-RAIL RM System is the best-selling generic purpose system of OK-VISE. Compared to a traditional machine vise, the Multi-Rail system offers the following benefits:

  • Using the components of the system, even the most challenging workpiece types can be machined
  • All sides of a workpiece can be machined with two setups
  • Multiple workpieces can be clamped simultaneously
  • Workpiece will be safely fixtured in all conditions
  • It is also possible to clamp very large workpieces
  • Multi-Rail RM system modules are the most accurate multiple clamping modules on the market, most of them giving 10 micron accuracy
  • Maximum clamping force that can be applied to the base rail is 6 metric tons ( 60 kN)

To enable an easy start with OK-VISE components, we have put together Fixture sets.

Also please study some typical Multi-Rail RM applications

Just like in all Fixturing Concept systems, Multi-Rail RM sets are built using some of the basic modules:

  • Clamp modules (RMC-)
  • Stop modules (RMS-)
  • Side guides (SMG-)
  • Parallels and riser blocks (RMP-)

Detailed information in Multi-Rail RM modules

Multi Rail RM components

Multi-Rail RM is a perfect basic fixturing system for any machining center

For heavy-duty installations, we recommend to use the Multi-Rail RH System.

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