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In most cases, code format is KCS-sjn, where corresponds to a clamp size (B or D), is a jaw type (Serrated, Smooth) and is a frame type.

Almost all other jaw combinations are also available. For example, in KCS-DES1 model, E stands for a self-aligning jaw and S - for a smooth jaw.

KCS-DX modules recomended maximum clamp tightening moment is 70Nm. Maximim force is 30KN.

For extremely compact design, types like KCS-BR3 are recommended. Please note that in this case fixture plate must be machined also from the bottom side (see instruction).

kcs dr1 faKCS-DR1 kcs dt1 faKCS-DT1 KCS DES1KCS-DES1 kcs br3KCS-BR3

There are also "A" models that are optimized specially for robotic loading of workpieces, for KCS-DR1A.