OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

Clamping force verification can now be done wirelessly. This digital concept is designed to be an integral part of any system where verifying clamping force is essential.

In the Multi-Rail RM system we have stopper modules which have built-in force sensors.
The sensor is connected to the measuring unit, which sends the measuring data by radio to the display. The display units can easily be set up with the min and max forces to trigger an alarm.

The European 868 MHz radio-technology that we use is long range technology, thus enabling transmission distances of up to 50 meters. This guarantees error-free transmission even in most harsh machining environments.

 Basic components of the system are

  • A stopper module with DIGIFORCE sensor option
  • Wireless DIGIFORCE measuring unit
  • Wireless DIGIFORCE display
  • SCADA System ( optional, to collect history data )


Includes power adapter 230 VAC to 12 VDC
Standard Modbus connection to SCADA
Touch-screen display.

The display unit shows the direct minimum and maximum I/O alarms that can easily be connected to any machining centre, and also comes equipped with a clear and intuitive visual indication screen for the operator.

DF WDA3 1000X600


  • Transmits force data every 1 second
  • Uses 868 MHz frequency ( EU standard )
  • Battery duration min 3 months ( unit can also be switched off to extend battery life )
  • M12 connector to force sensor

Uses 868 MHz frequency (EU standard)

DFS 1 400X600


Some Multi-Rail RM stoppers like RMS-50A can be ordered with the DIGIFORCE DFS-1 sensor option.

RMS 50A with DFS 1 400x300


This optional system element collects information from several DIGIFORCE displays so that historical data can be viewed.

DFC 1 400x300