OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

Here you find information how to use Multi-Rail RM system.


Assembly on various platforms

Multi-Rail RM base rail can be installed on many different platform types.

When base rail is installed on grid platform M12 we recommended you to use 2 pcs of shoulder bolts OKSB12-45 in positioning holes and in remaining holes D912 M12 x 45 bolts, like descibed in Multi-Rail RM adapter sets.

When installed on blank plates please make threaded holes like described in Threads and positioning holes on the platforms.


We advice you to make 2 positioning holes with tread and remaining holes with thread only.
When assembled on T-slots assembly we recommended using M-T1 machining option and positionining keys, then base rail positionning is faster and easier. When rail is assembled parallel to T-slots please use standard DIN912 bolts and T-slot nuts. When rail is assembled 90 degrees to T-slot direction then use fastening clamp ICI-12 set with proper size T-slot nuts and DIN912 M12 size bolts.



Stoppers can replaced to documented position positioning be using the scale in the base rail and mark in the stopper. In most stopper types the bolts are tightened with 10 mm allen key to 100 Nm torgue.



Clamps expand when tightening the bolt with allen key, tightening torque transforms to clamping force. Please remember that a stopper module is needed on both sided of any clamp module.



This instruction shows how to install parallels with T-nut, like models RMP-1, RMP-1H8 and RMP-2.
There T-nut of the parallel goes into base rail-slot, and when parallel bolt is tightened the T-nut rotates clockwise in the rail.. 


Side guide

Side guide offset is adjusted using treaded rod and nut. When offset is right the nut is used for locking.Side guide type RMP-M1 is with magnet and RMP-1 with M6 screw.
Magnetic side guide its easy and fast to remove after workpiece has positioned.