RPS system 2T

In the RPS 2T, OK-VISE rotary columns are made of aluminium, corner clamps are made of steel. Each of the four sides of this trunnion unit has two T-slots for installation of the accessories like stoppers and clamps.


RPS-T models

Another RPS product family is RPS-T, which differs from RPS-2T only by the number of T-slots.
For example RPS-50 has one 16 mm T-slot ( for M12 bolt ) on each side and the lenght is 500 mm.

Change in RPS-T and RPS-2T model designs

Support pin diameter lenght is 50 mm, diameter 50 mm
Support pin has also flande, where the pin is bolted to the end of RPS with 2 pcs of M8 bolts
In case the pins need to be replaced, there are 2 pcs M10 threads in the flange



The RPS-2T30 is the smallest of OK-VISE rotary columns. It is suitable for the smallest 4th axis indexers.

Two T-slots guarantee easy and effective fixturing. These light-weight modules are easy to install and move from one application or machine to another.

img PDF drawings, 2D and 3D drawings are available on request.


For improved productivity and reduction the production time, ability to clamp maximum number of workpieces on the T-slots or sub-plates of the workspace is as important factor as the machine speed. This capability to advantageously utilize workspace in practice reduces machine downtime and extends the machine cycles, thus boosting productivity without increasing actual number of operating hours.

OK-VISE rotary columns, such as the RPS-2T40 model, come equipped with two T-slots, which makes highest utilization of the machinable area a reality.

img PDF drawings, 2D and 3D drawings are available on request.


The RPS-2T50 model is the largest among the OK-VISE rotary columns. Its innovative design allows use of the vertical machining centers without the pallet changing systems.

The effectiveness of a machining center is not in the number of columns used, but in the extent to which the capacity of each pallet can be utilized. OK-VISE rotary column and fixturing elements allow for most efficient utilization of the vertical machining center.

img PDF drawings, 2D and 3D drawings are available on request.

RPS-2T sub-plates

RPS-2T sub-plates are 133 mm wide and 300-400-500 mm long. They are made of aluminium. Corner clamps are used for clamping RPS-2T sub-plates to the RPS units.


RPS 2T accessories

RPS accessoriesRPS accessoriesOK-VISE offers wide range of high quality accessories to tailor each individual rotary column to the customer specific needs.

Adapter plates for indexers, fixed stoppers, and corner clamps are available in addition to our low-profile clamps and sub-plates.

By combining these elements, OK-VISE customers can construct a flexible and effective system within their vertical machining center. Each item is designed to comply with the OK-VISE Rotary Pallet System.

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