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Multi-Rail RM adapter sets

The following adapter sets are recommended for use in the installation works of the Multi-Rail systems on the different platforms.




The set AD-RM-n includes n pieces of bolts, where 2 bolts are type OKSB12-45 and the remaining ones (n-2 pieces) are of type DIN912M12X45.

Fastening clamps

This is an option which is typically used to fasten components to a base (typically a T-slot table) in cases where the component cannot be bolted directly.

ICI-12 For Multi-Rail RM ( 2 pcs )
IC1-12-C For Combo-Rail ( 2 pcs )

Both of these can be used with M12 and 1/2" bolts.
fastening clamps

In the picture above the clamps have a hole for M16 bolts ( ICI-16 )

Threads and positioning holes on the platforms

When a Multi-Rail system is installed on the grid or blank platform, most typical way of installation is to use two shoulder bolts for positioning and DIN912 bolts for remaining holes.

Shoulder bolt requires a precise 12 mm hole. Additionally, bushings and/or threaded inserts can be used.
For the standard bolts simple M12 thread is needed. In aluminium platforms, threaded inserts are recommended.

Inserts and platforms are available through the OK-VISE global distribution network.

M12 threads

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