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Machining options

The Multi-Rail dimensions can be also modified. OK.VISE has predefined set of ready machining options, which are available on request. Usually, ordering of the special machining option slightly increases delivery time.


rm maching options

In the picture on the right M-N1 stands for machining of two sides with max 4x9 mm notch.
Then, both stopper widht and the widht of the upper part of the rail base will be 36 mm.








This set of threads (4 pcs of M6) is typically used with Multi-Rail RM stoppers, in this example case with RMS-S
Then, for example side RMG-1 can be installed to the stopper instead of Mult-Rail base.

M6X4 1



M T1

Four slots for keys, where the lower part of the key chosen by the T-slot widht.

Using the slot and keys ( not included ) the module - typically Multi-Rail base - can be installed parallel or perpendicular to T-slots.


Measures to be defined at order :

Slot widht : 18 or 20 mm
Slot midpoint position






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