Multi-Rail RH system properties

Compared to similar systems on the market, the OK-VISE Multi-Rail RH base is the most stable due to its steep serration profile. It has been designed for D- and F-series clamp modules.

The pitch of the serration is 2,5 mm, and the size of the RM profile is 60 X 60 mm.
The accuracy from every serration to the first positioning hole is ± 0.02 mm.

Multi-Rail RH modules

 Code Dim.  STEP
RH-400 icon pdf
RH-500 icon pdf
RHC-FR1 icon pdf
RHC-FR2 icon pdf
RHC-FS1 icon pdf
RHC-FS2 icon pdf
RHS-S1 icon pdf
RHS-S2 icon pdf

In Multi-rail RH system same type of modules are available than what ar used in Multi-Rail RM system. The most typical modules are listed in the table 


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