You can order also low-profile clamps where jaws are not the same type - even if they might not be standard products.
If both jaws of the clamp are the same, typically there is one letter in the end of the code (like DK2-VT-T has two addtional piece jaws).
If jaws are different, there are in most cases two letters in the end of the code (like BK2-VT-SR has one smooth jaw and one serrated).
Same way clamps BK2-VT-BT and DK2-VT-BT posses one self-aligning jaw ("B") and one jaw for addtional piece ("T")

jaw nr 2 \ jaw nr 1    D  Gn  +5 /+3  C  H  V  T E (or B)
Serrated basic version R   SR DR RGn +5R CR HR VR TR B
Smooth basic version S   S DS  SGn +5S CS HS VS E ES
Diamond coated surface  D     D DGn +5D CD HD VD TD ED
Grip jaw models Gn        (*3)       Gn +5Gn CGn HGn VGn TGn EGn
Machinable jaw +5 / +3 (*1)         +5          
Cross V slot C         +5C C HC VC TC EC
Horizontal V-slot H         +5H   H VH TH EH
Vertical V-slot V         +5V     V TV EV
Additional piece models T         +5T       T ET
Self-aligning jaw E (or B)          (*2)         +5E         E

*1: +3 stands for machinable model in B-series, +5 in D-series
*2: Self-aligning jaws available in B- and D-series only
*3: G = knive edge, G1 = one hard steel pin, G2 = two pins, G3 = 3 pins