OK-VISE has developed new products to meet the changing needs of our customers. These include a model with two self-adjustable jaws (instead of one self-adjustable jaw and one smooth jaw) which comes in three sizes, and two combo models: machinable + smooth jaw as well as additional piece + smooth jaw, which both come in four sizes. These new models provide new opportunities for clamping different types of workpieces. 

Models with two self-adjustable jaws: BK2-VT-E, DK2-VT-E, DK2-VTI-E
Additional piece and smooth jaw combo models: BK2-VT-TS, DK2-VT-TS, DK2-VTI-TS, FK2-VT-TS
Machinable and smooth jaw combo models: BK2-VT+3S, DK2-VT+5S, DK2-VTI+5S, FK2-VT+5S