It is the year of COVID-19 now and every exhibition is cancelled - including the one that was supposed to be held in Helsinki.

So, guys from machine dealer, Ismo Lindberg Oy, has organized a VIRTUAL SHOW, where the "booth" is showing KIWA machining center with two tooling blocks from OK-VISE supplied with several Multi-Rail units


 The whole virtualexpo can be seen in

If you take the corridor to the left, the KIWA HMC will be at your left-hand side.

EMO is the world’s No. 1 trade show for the metalworking industry

In addition to our world-renowned clamping method, we have been demonstrating our innovative Fixturing Concept, which enables easy and reliable fixture building.

NEW: Automation & Digitalization

The world is digitalizing – and we are developing too. The automated clamping and wireless force verification system DIGIFORCE have been the stars of the show.

With wireless DIGIFORCE, the operators of machining centres can now verify that the clamping force is high enough to hold the work piece check that the clamping force is not so high as to damage the work piece measure the machining forces.

new products automation 2019Automation: actuators & powerplate concept

new products wireless 2019Wireless clamping force verification

new products components 2019New fixturing consept components

rekrytyoelamabanneriOsallistumme Jyväskylän Paviljongissa tiistaina 21.1. järjestettävään tapahtumaan, jossa työelämä kohtaa urapolkuaan suunnittelevat, sen alkutaipaleella olevat tai ihan uusia polkuja hakevat nuoret ja aikuiset.

Yli 70 vuotta toiminut perheyritys tarjoaa vakaan ja viihtyisän työyhteisön. Muuramen toimipisteessä työskentelee reilut 70 eri-ikäistä ammattilaista mitä moninaisimmissa tehtävissä.

Meillä on runsaasti metallialan ammattilaisia koneistajina, sorvaajina, kokoonpanijoina ja työnjohtajina.

Eri koulutusasteiden tekninen koulutus antaa valmiudet esim. mekaniikka- ja elektroniikkasuunnittelijoille sekä tekniseen myyntiin ja tukeen. Yritys työllistää myös myynti- ja talousassistentteja, erinäisissä hallinnollisissa tehtävissä toimivia, kiinteistö-, siivous- ja ruokahuollosta vastaavia sekä kesä- ja kiireapulaisia tarpeen mukaan. Tarjoamme myös harjoittelupaikkoja alan opiskelijoille sekä tuotannon tehtäviin että toimiston puolelle.

Tule esittäytymään ja juttelemaan kanssamme Paviljongissa!

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 OK VISE hydraulic actuator Hydraulic apps 12

Hydraulic clamping is available in all our Fixturing Concept systems. Case: Fixturing components for generic-purpose workholding.

We are proud to announce that one of the highlights at the EMO show will be our Fixturing Concept with hydraulic clamping. This is a concept that can be used not only in robotic loading, but also in semi-automated solutions where loading is done manually and automation is used to save clamping time.

One of the most fascinating cases we have ever had was our recent turnkey concept for precision instrument manufacturing. Please take a look at the video.

Overview 1


Kytola Instruments, a Finnish company that is specialised in flow metering components is investing in FMS system. The system integrates 2 Mori Seiki machining centers with FMS containers of Fastems.

OK-Vise Oy was chosen as the supplier for all workholding equipment. Core components of the working system includes tooling blocks, specifically:

  • 10 pieces of the tooling blocks are equipped with Multi-Rail.
  • 4 pieces of the tooling blocks are OK-Lock tooling blocks, which enables changing of fixturings extremely fast.

All together there are a total of 48 pieces of RM Multi-Rail units.

In addition to components in FMS systems with horizontal machining centers (HMC), Kytola Instruments has also invested on two OK-Lock positioning system, for their vertical machining centers (Bridgeport VMC’s). One of the two is installed as an indexer for the 4th axis.

So why did Kytola Instruments invest in FMS system?

We wanted to use two of our machining centers more efficiently,” said Sakari Häyrynen the Managing director of Kytola instruments.

Kytola will highly benefit from this by radically reducing our set-up times, producing more capacity with less machines and increasing the utilization of our machines by operating them also in unmanned hours” he added.

Jarmo Tuohimetsä the production manager commented, “ we wanted to have a state-of-the-art manufacturing system and the FMS system will surely help us achieve that goal. This will also lead to more investments on this system in the future.”

What led you to choose OK-Vise as your supplier?

We’ve had good experience from the OK-Vise fixturing technology” quoting Sakari. He also added, OK-Vise fixturing concept is fast, accurate and reliable. All in all by utilising OK-Vise we will be able to fulfill our needs for efficient work-holding.

Jarmo Tuohimetsä comments, “Best equipment in the market that we can get at the moment. The Multi-Rail RM system is very suitable and work very well for our parts. Multi rails are high quality from our experience.”


Kytola FMS 1

Our company was founded by Mr. Olli Kytölä ( "OK") on 10th of April 1984.
We celebrate the anniversary by serving you even better than normally.


OK-VISE has been a leading manufacturer of wedge-clamps for over 20 years. Some of our first customers have been using the same clamps all this time and still use them on a daily basis.

Based on this experience and after conducting extensive tests with our clamps we are prepared to offer a full 10 year warranty on the quality of the raw material and craftsmanship of all the wedge and jaw parts of our low-profile clamps excluding the blackening, springs and sideplates.

Simply return the whole clamp with the defective part direct to us. We will replace the part and ship the complete clamp back to you. The cost of the replacement part and return shipping will be borne by us.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by a machine malfunction or failure or a machinist causing damage due to human error or misuse of a clamp.

Olli KytöläOlli KytöläOlli Kytölä
1927 - 2009
In Memoriam

With deep regret, we announce that the founder of Kytola Group, Mr. Olli Kytölä passed away in Jyväskylä, Finland on the 8th of November, 2009 at the age of 82.

Olli Kytölä’s personality uniquely combined a pronounced enthusiasm for innovation, respect for high-quality work, and genuine care for his employees. His life style was humble. Olli Kytölä derived deep personal satisfaction from overcoming complex technical challenges. His creativity extended over his whole lifetime, and was best fulfilled when technical solutions were productized to serve industry needs around the world.

Olli Kytölä was a second generation entrepreneur in his family, representing in total more than 100 years of entrepreneurship. His desire was to welcome the third generation on board to continue the prosperous family business. Therefore he organized a seasoned Board of Directors to complement the young age of his sons.

As sad as losing a great man always is, we assure our customers that Kytola companies will continue to operate according to the high standards, high customer respect, and highly innovative products as pioneered by Olli Kytölä.