Some clamp types for the RM system already have a code, for example, RMC-DR or RMC-DS. Code is defined as a set of letters and numbers given to a product, where the letters and numbers are abbreviated attributes that distinguish one product from another as size, product type, jaw type, etc. If you cannot find a suitable product code from our price list, please create your own code.

 All B- and D-series clamps and combinations are suitable for the Multi-Rail RM system.

Below are some examples of how to read the code: 
Adapter RMA-D1 includes a T-slot nut and bolt for D-size clamps.
Adapter RMA-BP1 includes a T-slot nut, bolt and riser plate to lift up the clamp (B-size).

Please note that using B-series clamps on Multi-Rail without a plate is not recommended.

rma d1RMA-D1 rma bp1RMA-BP1rma b1RMA-B1

Code Dim. STEP
RMA-D1 icon pdf


rma app1