OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

RMC SClamp modules

RMS S 1Stop modules

 magnet side guideSide guides

 RM base 1Base rail

 RMP 1H8Riser blocks

 fastening clampsAdapter sets

 M T1Machining options


 Just like in all systems of OK-VISE Fixturing Concept, Multi-Rail RM is a modular system, including following functions:

Clamp modulesStop modulesRiser blocksSide guides

All these are installed on base rail units.
In addition to this, we offer fine tuning machining options and for installation on various platforms installation and adapter sets are available.

There are several machining options, for example if base rail needs to positioned accurately on T-slots slot keys. 

 FixturingConceptincludeModule names

Please study also HOW TO USE videos for more detailed use instructions