OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

grid fixturing system

Grid Fixturing System is one of the generic purpose fixturing systems from OK-VISE.

This family is optimized to be used on grid platform, which is the most common platform type for generic purpose fixturing.

The main principle is to clamp 1 or 2 workpieces against stoppers, that can be fixed or adjustable. By choosing enough adjustment reserve in the clamp and stop modules, all sizes of work pieces can be clamped.

  • Adaptable to the grid platforms manufactured by the leading workholding producers.
  • Even workpieces with very complex form can be clamped.
  • Low design: most of the modules are 25 mm high
  • Most modules have integrated parallels, making them optimal for clamping complex workpiece forms like plates.
  • Optimal when used on grid platform with 50x50 or 25x50 mm matrix.

Please study Grid System modules and also Grid System fixture sets.

There are several types of base units, where type 3 can be installed on a grid platform in more angles than only 0 or 90 degrees.

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