Components for Dedicated Fixturing

Components for Dedicated Fixturing

Our Blank system is a system for building DEDICATED FIXTURING (workpiece-specific fixturing). Normally only one setup of one workpiece can be clamped with these fixtures.

OK-VISE Blank System

The OK-VISE Blank Fixturing System is designed for cases when dedicated (product-specific) fixtures are needed. This is typical in high-volume production or when special optimization of the fixture is needed.

Blank plates are used as a platform on which to build the fixture – aluminium and steel blanks are recommended. Then pockets for the modules will be machined, modules are installed and the fixture is ready. So, building fixturing is easier than ever!

In addition to OK-VISE low-profile clamps and bolts, a variety of components are now available. Various clamp modules, stopper modules, side guides and parallels (or riser blocks) are the basic modules of the system.

High-friction jaws in stopper modules and clamps ensure reliable clamping when high machining forces are used. When sensitive contact with the workpiece is a must, then smooth, diamond-surface or contour-machined jaws creating a form-closure fixture are optimal.

Blank Original

The most traditional way of using OK-VISE clamping method. In addition to OK-VISE clamps and bolts all the rest is machined. Today using Fixturing Concept modules offers easy design and reusability of modules. However, our “blank original system” is still a totally valid way of manufacturing optimized fixtures.

blank system components

When considering if you should build a dedicated fixture or a fixture using generic fixturing components read this.