OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

The following threaded inserts are used when special durability in the thread is essential.
Especially with aluminum platforms threaded inserts are recommended.

Some inserts are straight – one thread inside and one outside – whereas some have a flange outside to give extra support. Please notice that T-nuts can also be used for the same purpose in some installations.

threaded inserts

In the front straight models INM-12-8, INM-18-12, INM-18-12H, INM-22-16
Heights of these four types are 12.5, 10, 16 and 20 mm
In addiition to these there is INM-22-16S which is 14 mm in height.

In back models with flange: INM-16-10, GS-T1-M ( both non-stock items )

This is a locator bushing used in many types of platform where OK-VISE components are employed.
See also Threads and positioning holes on platforms

bushing okpb1220

bs spring quides

BE-12-18  Bushing
SP-12-P1  Spring guide PLASTIC 12-100 N
SP-12-2  Spring guide 12-100 N
BE-16-25  Bushing
SP-16-P1  Spring guide PLASTIC 16-100 N
SP-16-6  Spring guide 16-200 N
SP-16-7  Spring guide 16-300 N

Assembly tools are also available. For example, SP-AT-16 is used for the D=16 springs.

 Code  STEP

Below there are the most typical components commonly used with the OK-VISE products.

 Code Thread    L (mm) 
DIN912M12X30 M12 30
DIN912M12X40 M12 40
DIN912M12X45 M12 40
DIN912M12X60 M12 60
DIN912M16X55 M16 55
DIN912M16X60 M16 60
DIN912M16X80 M16 80
DIN912M8X25 M8 25
DIN912M5X25 M5 25

M5, M8, M12 and M16 hex nut bolts are used with the low-profile clamps. Standard hex nut bolts are normally operated with an allen key.




Code  Total L  Positioning L   Dimensions
OKSB12-35  39 mm  23 mm icon pdf
OKSB12-45  45 mm  23 mm icon pdf
OKSB12-65  65 mm  43 mm icon pdf
OKSB16-55  55 mm  28 mm icon pdf

Shoulder bolts are used for accurate positioning of the components.


   Lenght     Head   Max force STEP
 PPB  30 mm  Serrated, tilting 18 kN
 PPB-1  8,5 mm  Serrated, tilting 18 kN  
 PPB-2  17 mm  Serrated, tilting 18 kN  

One family of gripper pads is fastened with M12 thread


Standard DIN508 T-slot nuts can be used in some T-slot table applications.

Please note that Standard DIN508 T-slot nuts can not be used in Multi-Rail systems.

Code Thread T-slot widht
DIN508-M8-10 M8 10
DIN508-M8-14 M8 14
DIN508-M12-14 M12 14
DIN508-M12-18 M12 18
DIN508-M16-18 M16 18

T slot nuts












Code Widht 1 Widht 2
LK-1812  12 18
LK-1814 14 18
LK-1816 16 18
LK-18 18 18
LK-1820 20 18
LK-1822 22 18

Fixture keys are used to position components on T-slot tables or blank platforms.
The other half ( with "widht2" ) goes into OK-VISE modules, and is kept standard.
Normally widht2 is 18 mm

Fixture keys

If keys are to be used in Mult-Rail base rails, then a machining option M-T1 is available, which is 2 + 2 pockets like shown in the photo.