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Blank System modules

As in every OK-VISE Fixturing Concept system, the basic modules in the Blank System are clamp, stopper, side guide and riser block modules.

To resist the clamping and machining forces, a pocket should be machined to the blank plate. Pictures of the pockets are available in the installation instruction.

Clamp modules ( KCD- dual directional )

 CodeDim. STEP
KCD-DS1icon pdf
KCD-DR1icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KCD-sjn, where corresponds to a clamp size (B or D), j is a jaw type (Serrated, Smooth) and is a plate type.

kcd ds2 2KCD-DS2KCD-BR2KCD-BR2

Clamp modules ( KCS- single directional )

 CodeDim. STEP
 KCS-DS1icon pdf
 KCS-DR1icon pdf
 KCS-BR3icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KCS-sjn, where corresponds to a clamp size (B or D), is a jaw type (Serrated, Smooth) and is a frame type.

Almost all other jaw combinations are also available. For example, in KCS-DES1 model, E stands for a self-aligning jaw and S - for a smooth jaw.

KCS-DX modules recomended maximum clamp tightening moment is 70Nm. Maximim force is 30KN.

For extremely compact design, types like KCS-BR3 are recommended. Please note that in this case fixture plate must be machined also from the bottom side (see instruction).

kcs dr1 faKCS-DR1kcs dt1 faKCS-DT1KCS DES1KCS-DES1 kcs br3KCS-BR3

There are also "A" models that are optimized specially for robotic loading of workpieces, for KCS-DR1A

Stopper, smooth jaw (KS-Sx)

 CodeDim. STEP
KS-S1icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KS-Sx, where corresponds to a smooth jaw type and is a stopper type.

ks s1KS-S1ks so1 1KS-SO1

Stopper, serrated jaw (KS-Rx)

 CodeDim. STEP
 KS-R1icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KS-Rx, where corresponds to a serrated jaw type and is a type.

ks r1KS-R1KS R2 2KS-R2

Stopper, diamond jaw (KS-Dx)

 CodeDim. STEP
 KS-D1icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KS-Dx, where corresponds to a diamond jaw type and is a base type.

ks d2KS-D2

Low stopper, serrated jaw (KS-R6)

 CodeDim. STEP
 KS-R6icon pdf

This stopper type is normally embedded 6 mm in the base plate 
Uses M6 bolt.

KS R6 400X300KS-R6

Blank System riser blocks (KP-)

 CodeDim. STEP
 KP-1icon pdf

In most cases, code format is KP-n, where n is a type.

KP 1KP-1

Blank System side quides (KG-)

 CodeDim. STEP
 KG-1icon pdf
 KG-2icon pdf

In most cases, the code format is KG-n, where n is a guide type. Max tightening torque 30Nm.

KG 1KG-1KG 2KG-2

Generic components that can be used with Blank System

In addition to the basic modules above, the generic components complementing our product range can be used in the Blank Fixturing System as well as in other OK-VISE fixturing systems.

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