OK-VISE® Fixturing Concept

The key property of the OK-VISE clamps is extreme clamping force in a small space combined with the accuracy of the clamping force.
Today we offer two methods based on this principle : electrical clamping and hydraulic clamping

  • Both methods use the same principle : pulling the bolt down instead of rotating the bolt which is typical in manual clamping.
  • As an integral part of the OK-VISE Fixturing Concept, automated actuators can be used to build genuinely modular and scalable fixtures.
  • Automated clamping can be used in combination with:
    • Automated or manual workpiece loading
    • Vertical or horizontal machining centers and 5-axis machines
    • A continuous ( "live" )  power supply or a power supply that is uncoupled after loading.

Automated Clamping System

OK-VISE low-profile clamps are known worldwide for their quality and accuracy. D-series and B-series clamps are particularly recommended for use with the OK-VISE automated actuators.