The Powerplate concept gives users the most straightforward access to automation.

Hydraulic actuators (from 1 to 7 pcs) are built-in under a base plate, and the cylinder package can also be moved to various additional positions under the plate for optimal clamping. So,either a single workpiece can be clamped alone or up to 14 pcs simultaneously.

The Hydraulic actuator normally uses HA-VD1, creating a 29 kN clamping force with 350 bar maximum hydraulic pressure.

Fixtures can also be built on sub plates, which can be rapidly changed using a built-in Ball-Lock quick-change system.

Generic-purpose OK-VISE Fixturing Concept components like Multi-Rail RM units can be installed directly on the plate.

There are two sizes as standard: 240x400 mm and 400x700 mm.