D / inch


Serrated basic version   BK2-VT DK2-VT DK2-VTI FK2-VT
Smooth basic version   BK2-VT-S DK2-VT-S DK2-VTI-S FK2-VT-S
Grip jaw models   BK2-VT-Gn DK2-VT-Gn DK2-VTI-Gn FK2-VT-Gn
Models with machinable jaws   BK2-VT+3 DK2-VT+5 DK2-VTI+5 FK2-VT+5
Machined cross V models   BK2-VT-C DK2-VT-C DK2-VTI-C FK2-VT-C
Additional piece models   BK2-VT-T DK2-VT-T DK2-VTI-T FK2-VT+5
Self-aligning model   BK2-VT-B DK2-VT-B DK2-VTI-B FK2-VT-B
Self-aligning model, two jaws   BK2-VT-E DK2-VT-E DK2-VTI-E FK2-VT-E
Single-wedge pull-down, serrated   BK2-VT-PD DK2-VT-PD  DK2-VTI-PD FK2-VTI-PD
Double-wedge pull-down, serrated     DK2-WT DK2-WTI FK2-WT
Double-wedge pull-down, smooth     DK2-WT-S DK2-WTI-S FK2-WT-S
Stainless steel model   BK2-VT-SS      
Economy-series, serrated jaws   BK2-VT-O      
Economy-series, smooth jaws AK2-VT-SO BK2-VT-SO      
 Metric bolt size M5  M8  M12    M16
 Imperial bolt size 3/16"  5/16"    1/2"  5/8"
 Force up to (kN)  10  25  90  90  150
Force up to (lbs) 2 200 5 600 20 000 20 000 33 000
AMin...AMax (mm, compared to optimum) -2.9...+ 2.5 -1.9...+3.0 -3.3...+5.2   -4.9...3.3
Bolt offset (mm) 2 x 0.7 2 x 1.2 2 x 1.1   2 x 1.7

Normally the end of the code is describing the jaw type, for example -T stands for a model with two additional pieces.
Self-aligning models (-B) have two types of jaws, smooth and serrated. 

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