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Multi-Rail RM stopper modules (RMS-)

RMS overview foto 1 w800The same jaw types used in clamps are available in the stopper modules:

  • Serrated (R)
  • Smooth (S)
  • Diamond-coated (D)
  • Additional piece models (T)
  • Grip models (G)
  • Self-aligning (B)
  • Machinable (M)
  • Equipped with vertical V-slot (V)
  • Equipped with horizontal V-slot (H)  etc.

Recommended installation torque 50..100 Nm

Please also notice, that several types of threads and notches can be machined to stoppers to help integration with external components ( see more : machining options )

Additionally, different stopper sizes are manufactured by OK-VISE.

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 CodeDimensions STEP
 RMS-Sicon pdf
 RMS-S2icon pdf
 RMS-S3icon pdf

The most common stopper is RMS-S, which has two smooth and nitrided jaws. It is optimal for the second setup, when OK-VISE clamps are used with full force. Friction level is adequate even for roughing and other types of machining where high forces occur.

The accuracy from every serrration to the jaw surface is ± 0.01 mm.

RMS-S2 is more narrow than RMS-S, about the size of a B-series clamp.

RMS-S3 is higher than RMS-S. 


Grip stopper RMS-G4

RMS-G4 is a grip model, where both jaws posses a knife-edge grip pattern. The jaws are nitrided.

Grip stopper RMS-G4S

Files to download
Dimensionsicon pdf

rms g4sRMS-G4S

RMS-G4S is a grip model, one jaw possessing a knife-edge grip pattern while the other jaw is smooth. The jaws are nitrided.


Files to download
Dimensionsicon pdf


This stopper type has two round, serrated contact areas which hold both big and small workpieces firmly in the correct position.

 The accuracy from every serrration to the jaw surface is ± 0.25 mm.



Files to download
Dimensionsicon pdf

Stoppers that have -ab at the end of the product code are in most cases combinations of two different jaws.

For example, in the RMS-SR model, one jaw is serrated (R) and another one is smooth (S).


 CodeDimensions STEP
 RMS-R2icon pdf
RMS R2jThis stopper type has a serrated contact area on both sides of the stop module. The contact area is nitrided.

One popular variation is a stopper RMS-SR2 which has one serrated (R2) and one smooth (S) jaw.   


This stopper has one jaw that is serrated ( like in RMS-R2) and the other is smooth.



 CodeDim. STEP
 RMS-Micon pdf

RMS MSRMS-MSThese are machinable stopper models which are especially suitable for machining of complex workpieces, or when extreme accuracy is needed and product-specific jaws are used for machining.

RMS-M has two extended jaws that are machinable. Furthermore, all combinations can be machined because these models are made of the relatively soft material (HRC 30, not hardened or nitrided). In the RMS-MS model, one jaw is of  the "normal" length, and normally it is smooth. For machining purposes this model is slightly bigger in size.

Also many other variants of combinations can be made, so "x" can be =R ( serrated), V (vertical slot) etc.


 CodeDim. STEP
 RMS-Dicon pdf


These stopper modules have at least one jaw which is diamond coated (D). In the RMS-D model both jaws have a diamond coating, while RMS-DS has one jaw that is smooth. 

The accuracy from every serrration to the jaw surface is ± 0.25 mm.


 CodeDim. STEP
 RMS-Gicon pdf
 RMS-GSicon pdf

RMS GSRMS-G is a grip model with two HSS pins that penetrate into the workpiece, leaving tiny marks on it. The friction is much higher than that of using the standard serrated jaw, against soft steel the friction co-efficient factor is up to 0,8.

Model RMS-GS has one grip jaw and one smooth jaw.


 CodeDim. STEP
RMS-Ticon pdf
RMS-TSicon pdf
RMS-TRicon pdf

In this stopper module the same additional pieces can be used as in D-series low-profile clamps. In this stopper module the same additional pieces can be used as in D-series low-profile clamps.

RMS-T has two additional pieces jaws. RMS-TS has one smooth jaw (photo) and one additional piece jaw. In the RMS-TR module one jaw is serrated and another one is an additional piece jaw.




 CodeDim. STEP
 RMS-Hicon pdf
 RMS-HSicon pdf 


This model has a horizontal V-shape jaw to hold small round-shaped workpieces or bars. 

RMS-H has two such jaws. In the RMS-HS module one jaw is smooth and another one - V-shape.



 CodeDim. STEP
 RMS-Vicon pdf
 RMS-VSicon pdf

rms vs f1RMS-VSThis model has a vertical V-shape jaw to hold round-shaped workpieces of various sizes.

The optimal workpiece sizes are given in the Dimension drawings (see Dim. in the table above). Please note that when machining a workpiece with a diameter larger than maximum given in the Dimensions drawings, there is a line contact between the jaw and the workpiece, and the jaw is likely to leave marks on the workpiece surface.

RMS-V has two such jaws, RMS-VS has one smooth jaw (photo).

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